søndag 24. oktober 2021

Sveits: Leukerbad (le Vallais)

Antoine and Mireille has settled high up in the Swiss Alpes with Nicolas (15) after having lived in the Geneva region all their lives. Leukerbad (Loèche-les-Bains) is 1400 meter above sea level but their hot water (51 degrees) springs has been exploited since before the Romans arrived. All major hotels in the village has their own spa and there is a large communial bath with at least 8 or 9 different pools.

French Alpes 2021: Vallee de la Claree.

We wanted to focus on Nevache (Vallee de la Claree) this time and booked a small hotel high up in the valley (near Nevache Ville Haute). We did 3 long walks:
Camping Fontcouverte: Col de Charbonniere.
Navache Ville Haute: Porte de Cristol.
Laval: Towards Col des Muandes, but cut short because of the snow in June. Returned by a long loop passed several lacs, including Lac Madelaine. Great walk, but problems crossing rivers.

fredag 5. mars 2021

MasterCourse 2 - Final 10 photos.

In October 2019 I started a 12 month MasterCourse in Photography created by Spanish/Swiss Photographer Rafael Rojas. Here is my final 10 photos from this course which consists of 16 modules, 1000 pages of illustrated material (pdf-files), 30 hours of audio-visual material and lots of case studies, examples and personal tutoring. The main topics covered are The Photographic Message, Natural light, Learning to see, Visual Design, Composition, Post-processing, printing and a special module on Black & White Photography, which is my speciality. For more info on the Mastercourse, follow this link:


onsdag 13. januar 2021

Herføl, an Island formed by the Sea.


Herføl, at the intersection between the Outer Oslo Fjord and the open Sea (Skagerrak) you are lured by nature, the harsh and beautiful pebble beaches, glossy rocks and boulders, several wedges, the country's largest collection of spectacular potholes and a heather landscape reminiscent of Norwegian high mountains. Herføl had a customs station and pilotage, and was an important fishing center, but today, it has grown into a summer and tourist center. There are only 14 permanent residents on the island, which makes up only 3 square kilometers.

fredag 8. januar 2021

Blefjell - vinteren 2021

Vinteren kom til Blefjell godt før nyttårshelgen 20/21 og den første uka av januar ble eventyrlig både med hensyn til været og snøforholdene.

fredag 21. august 2020

Tur i Sør-Norge, august 2020.

Over Trysil til Femunden med overnatting i vakre Røros. Sørover til Vingelen og over til Hjerkin med 2 netter på Kongsvold på Dovrefjell. Neste stopp ble Trondheim og så videre til Kristiansund. Atlanterhavsveien fulgte med stopp ute på Håholmen. Videre om Bud til Molde. Til slutt familien i Ålesund i 3 dager før avslutningen om Stryn, Gamle Strynefjellsveien, Lom og over Valdresfløya tilbake til Oslo. (11 dager.)

torsdag 18. juni 2020

Nimes, Ales, Uzes and Pont du Gard 17.10.2020

We were turists for one day in the borders between Provence and Languedoc. We had never been to the old Roman City of Nimes, now very much a modern City with lots of modern architecture. We had only lunch in Ales and "did" nearby Uzes afterwards. Pont du Gard is also close by and gave the opportunity for an evening walk.